Our Daily Manna Devotional November 2, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 2, 2017


Heaven began dealing with us yesterday concerning the many poisons attached to success. However for you to manage success, you must note the points below and answer the following questions honestly:

Our Daily Manna Devotional November 2, 2017

1.       Do you know yourself? What are the secrets of your success? Can you reveal the secrets? Can you honestly identify the factors which could hinder your ability to manage success? Can you deal with the facts effectively? Take time the answer the above if you are serious about managing success.

2.       Continue working as if you have never succeeded. 3. Beware of the company you keep! 4. Continue to use your brain all the time even as you walk y faith. Be balanced! Pray is great but you must think! The brain has been described as the “master plan” of the human body. So, use your brain creatively to enable you to use your hands effectively. Think now or think later!
5.       Never allow sentiments to replace value judgments. Listen to the Holy Spirit! Remember what happened in Joshua 9 and how Joshua/Israel was deceived (See it later)!

6.       Believe the best in others! Your ability to manage success can be increase by  the role of other good people. Love your family, but weed out unfriendly friends or negative staff in your life and ministry. Good and sincere people are available but in a short supply! Go all out and look for them and use them wisely.

7.       Stay relevant. Continue your self and corporate development. Remember that if you don’t get updated, you become outdated. If need be, change your church programmes/service or company products. Make your job/business premises a daylight. Add value!

8.       Have the fear of God and live a clean, private life. Your private life is more important than you public life. Watch and avoid bad habits. Trust God in problems! Avoid drugs and alcohol in handling stress. Read your Bible daily! Pray often! Avoid Nebuchadnezzar’s mistake. I pray: Breakthrough will not break you! Amen! Pray now

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship to the Lord as being led.
1.       Pray yesterday’s points with zeal.

2.       Pray any other point(s)as you are led

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