Our daily Manna Devotional October 5, 2017

Our daily Manna Devotional October 5, 2017


Basic Scripture: Judges 14: 1-9

In June 1667, the Dutch Navy sailed up the Med-way River in England and caught the English unprepared. This daring invasion (popularly called THE BATTLE OF CHATHAM) brought the Second Anglo-Dutch War to an end.

Our daily Manna Devotional October 5, 2017

Though the English were defeated, they celebrate that defeat every year in June, because it thought them valuable lessons that led to an upgrade of an Englishman! Yes! That defeat of the British led to a huge investment in ship and in dockyard facilities, laying the foundation of the of British supremacy at sea for 200 years  and contributing to economic success and the growth of the  empire which ruled the world.

I visited that Chatham dockside and exclaimed "Wow!"A great success story out of shame and defeat? Yes! Such is life and likewise, is it not amazing that heaven can turn what the devil meant for bad into good? He has done it before in other lives and cannot be an exception! For example, death was a satanic weapon used to torment mankind for centuries. But God used the same death to free man! Saul (Paul) was radically called into ministry on his way to Damascus.

God can turn any setback in any area of your life (e.g. delay, failure, late education or early/late marriage, etc), to a positive tool for your generation. Stop crying and lamenting! Good can come out of bad events. For example, people who are short physically, have used their stature to become millionaires. Thomas Edison said, "I failed my way to success." We learn by our failures, not by our fortunes!

Necessity/lack are "MOTHERS" and "Aunties" of inventions. What will you let this problem do to you? Your reaction to the problem is the bottom line. It can make you better or bitter. It can make you tougher or tender. The choice is yours.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
1. In your own words , pray about today as led.
2. Thank God for all your past mess, mistakes and present failures. Cause my star to shine brighter,
3. Lord, turn my my  mess into a message for my generation.
4. I reject and disown self-pity, depression and self-condemnation in Jesus name. Pray about today seriously now!

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