Our Daily Manna Devotional October 21, 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional October 21, 2017


Basic Scripture: Exodus 2:1-15 

Sam has got just fifteen minutes to get to the stock exchange. If he fails to close this deal, his boss will eat him for dinner! Suddenly, the reckless drunkard driving behind smashes into Sam’s car and everything comes to a standstill. Sam pulls out his mobile phone, flips open the flap and in one swift moment, makes the needed call. Joyce Meyer
Later, he begins browsing the web, sufs the net and gets all the information he needs. Sam calls the 

Our Daily Manna Devotional October 21, 2017

stock exchange again and closes the deal. Accidents do happen, but they would not matter as they say, if you have a Samsung mobile phone, the perfect connection to perfect quality. No! I am not a Samsung agent or dealer! I am just a divine agent, but the summary of the Samsung phone jingle and the Sam story: LIVE ON THE FAST LANE! Yes! Fast cars! Fast money like WESTERN UNION, etc! Fast food! Faster men/women in sports! Increased technology is great and good for greater comfort and production, but as 2017 ends and 2018 marches on, you must realize that kin God’s plan and pattern, life is not always lived on the fast lane. I.e. faster cars faster money or faster relationships! In fact, there are times when God will slow you down because He wants you to learn certain, vital virtues/lessons that will pillars for your tomorrow.

Moses was moving so fast, but God had to slow Him down for another 40 years. Certain problems you are going through or went through are/were allow by God to slow you down. Patience is crucial for your complete development (Heb 6:15). One session of rain does not make a crop! The bird build her nest little by little. A great palace is built stone upon stone. Daily Devotionals

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship to God as led.
1.       Thank God for the Word and decree that you will not miss the perfect will of God for your entire life/ministry. WOMEN DEVOTIONAL

2.       As 2017 ends, I refuse to WORRY! I pray about the following issue(s) disturbing my peace (Mention them now)! Pray about today and LOOOSE SPECIAL FAVOUR  and a last-minute end-of-year MIRACLE!


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