Our Daily Manna Devotional October 2 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional October 2 2017

​Topic: Their Navigational System Broke Down! – Monday, October 2nd 2017.

( ACTS 17: 1-11).

Welcome to today’s devotional and don’t forget our devotional story of the Americans who drifted mistakenly into the Iranian coastline due to the FAULTY NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM of their boats. The Word spoke to you yesterday about repairing the FAULTY NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM of your life.
The main navigation system is the WORD OF GOD which carries along the secrets of divine direction through life. Your spirit man must be fed by force daily through the WORD.

Our Daily Manna Devotional October 2 2017

A weak ( hungry) spirit man will result in defeat in life’s battles. Just as physical food feeds your body, so does every line of the word you read deposit food into your spirit. That is why in this world of many entertainment TV stations and battle for daily economic survival, you must resist POSTPONING reading the Word of God. Even when the chapter or verse you are reading does not sound exciting or interesting for that day, you must continue to do so by force and holy violence. When your spirit man is well fed, you will be able to pick up DIVINE SIGNALS from the Lord if there is DANGER ahead concerning any issue of your life. Sometimes, what you call a MISTAKE is just inability to hear from God at that time.

That could mean your inability to pick up DIVINE SIGNAL when it was sent into your spiritual ears by the Lord. Don’t forget that vs. 11 of today’s scripture talks about the Berean Christians who were more NOBLE than the Christians in the next city of Thessalonica. 

The word “NOBLE” means: “Something or someone that is very high socially and something with a very impressive or glorious appearance.” So what made the Berean Christians higher than the Thessalonica Christians was not their physical money but their ability to DIG DEEPER into the Word of God. The word “noble” can also mean “honor or taken from shame.” Each time you pursue your NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM by force, you are also pursuing your way out of shame. Go and do likewise.

Prayer Points:Take any song of worship as led now.
1. Pray about today’s word generally as led now.
2. Holy Ghost, take me out of shame and disgrace by force.
3. I receive grace to DIG DEEPER by force in Jesus Christ name.
4. You agent of PROCRASTINATION, loose me and go.
5. Pray in Tongues seriously as led now.

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