our daily Manna Devotional October 10, 2017

our daily Manna Devotional October 10, 2017


PSALM 138: 1-8

Though the cover is worn and the pages are torn and the pages bear traces of tears, yet more precious that gold is THE BOOK worn and old; that can chatter and scatter my fears. This old Book is guide. It's a friend by my side. It lightens and brightens my way and each promise I find soothes and gladdens my mind as I read it and heed it each day.

our daily Manna Devotional October 10, 2017

True wisdom its  pages unfold and though we may read it a thousand time over, they never, never grow old. Each line has a treasure! Each treasure a pearl that all if they will, may secure! And we know that when time and the world passes away, God's Word shall forever endure. God's word is like a deep, deep mine and jewels, rich and rare are hidden in its mighty depths.

Someone said: "Reading the Bible without meditating is like eating without swallowing." Hear Martin Luther: "For some years now, I have read through the Bible twice every year. If you picture the Bible to be a mighty tree, and every word a little branch, I have shaken every one of these branches because I wanted to know what it was and it meant."

A man ones told his children: "Another century there will not be a Bible on earth." Voltaire expected that within fifty years of his life time, there would not be a Bible in the world. His house is now a distributing center for Bibles in many languages!

Oh, I love John Wesley: "I am a spirit come from God, and returning to God. I want to know one thing: the way to heaven. God Himself have con descended t teach me the way. He has written it down in a book. Oh, give me that book of God. Let me be a man of one book! " Yes, as 2917 ends and 2018 begins soon, fall in love with the Bible again. BE A MAN/WOMAN OF ONE BOOK!

Great to just read whole chapters. When in any crises, READ THE UNFAILINGLY PROMISES. Read the Word - it is God Himself! It is a hammer and it is a fireball (Jeremiah 23: 29)! Never forget that all His glory is contained in His word because He has MAGNIFIED His word above all His name (Vs 2 of today's scripture) !

REFUSE OVER FAMILIARITY WITH THE BIBLE! REJECT LAZINESS! Spend more time with this precious Book and more of His glory you will see as 2017 ends and 2018 begins. Ah! BE A MAN OR WON OF ONE BOOK! Amen!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
1. Ask for the grace to spend more time with the Bible.
2. Ask for the grace to finish the Bible.

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