Our Daily Manna Devotional September 28 2017

   Our Daily Manna Devotional September 28 2017


An old legend tells of an angel  who was sent by God to inform Satan that all his methods to defeat His children would be taken from him. The devil pleaded to keep just one: “Let me retain, depression/worry”.

Our Daily Manna Devotional September 28 2017

The angel, thinking that this was a small request, agreed. “Good.” Satan exclaimed. He laughed and said: In that one gift, I have secured all.” Truly, legends are fables and not real stories, but are powerful, life teaching tools. A man had a box where each time he had a worry, he would write it down and deposit it in the box. Then one Wednesday in which he worried, he tried to read the contents of the box. Surprisingly, he found out that most of the things he had worried about had already been resolved or they never happen.


In anger and sensing the description of worry, he set the box on fire. Likewise God is using today’s devotional to peak strongly, concerning the satanic, double barrel tool called, “Worry and Depression.” Proverb 17: 22 says, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.” Please watch it! Whatever can dry your bones can take your life!

 Worry and anxiety concerning any matter can end up taking your life! In times of stress, force yourself to be cheerful. Since problems will not end on planet earth, is it not wisdom to bake life easy and deal with issues step by step by waiting on the Lord? Read Isaiah 49: 12 and listen to Burke 
Hedges: “Worry is not a rocking chair. It gives you something  to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere." Determine to trust God the more!
 Sow towards the first OCTOBER NATIONWIDE RALLY Tagged, “one NIGERIA ONE ODM.” Then aim is to sow ODM into the life of every Nigerian ON OCTOBER 1ST INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERY YEAR. Let God use you. Sow into any our accounts. And send a text to this numbers according to you nation: (+234) 0802-3154316, 0807-314-6863, +27- 792-849-137(SA), +44-7442-310-565 (UK) +233-263-991-400 (GHANA), +1-469-386-6629 (USA) for prayer points on breaking witchcraft demotion!

PRAYER POINT:Take any song of worship as led.
1. The word of a king  has power! Job 22:28: Thau shall decree a thing and it shall be established! Begin to decree things that will lift your life and ministry. Pray about the few days ahead and 2017! 

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