Our Daily Manna Devotional September 27 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional September 27 2017


Welcome to today’s devotional! There was a Korean widow who was supported majorly by her two sons. The eldest son sold  umbrellas while the younger son sold sunglasses. The old woman worried every single day because when it was sunny, the older son had a bad market. If it rained, the younger son didn’t sell sunglasses.

Our Daily Manna Devotional September 27 2017

So, no matter the weather, she worried! Then one day, an old man visited them and saw this woman looking so pale and skinny. He was forced to ask what the matter was. “Oh old man, I am just worried and I worry every time. No matter the weather, one of my sons is always broke and that affects me badly. “ The old man smiled and said: “Oh no, my friend: resist worrying because you are blessed.No matter the weather, you win because one of your sons will always sell. There are many who do not have such blessed opportunities.”


With that, the woman lifted her hands and began to dance because she suddenly discovered that truly, no matter what happens, there is always  something to be thankful for! God want you to remind a user of today’s devotional that Roman 8: 28 is still in the Bible! It says all things will walk together for your good – if you are really serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It does not make sense to say your present, bad situation will lead to good, but you must believe God foolishly!

Yes, since God’s word cannot be broken, you must continue to believe that by the time your trials and testimonies (all things) are put together, your life will be a step forward and a plus. Keep worry and anxiety out of your life by force. If you are emotionally disturbed and can’t read, then let someone just read the Word of God to you while you listen.

Have an easygoing attitude! Don’t allow continues stress! Something good is coming out of anything bad around your life and ministry. “There shall be rain and a river in that wilderness,” saith the Lord unto you! Amen and Amen.

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PRAYER POINTS: Take a song of worship as led.
1.       Thank God for today’s word and pray as you led!
2.       Declare that all things will work out for your good. 

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