Our Daily Manna Devotional September 26 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional September 26 2017


Oh! I remembered years ago writing about an old man who lived in a certain part of London! He would board the train to Central London and sit at the street corner and beg. He did this every single day for 20 years. His house was filthy and a terrible trench (smell) came out of that street corner. At a particular stage, when the neighbors could not bear the horrible smell coming out of that street corner, they called in the police to clear the place. The officer decided to visit his little house to clear the place.  Shockingly, it was discovered that there were small bags of money all over the house – monies he had collected over the years .

Our Daily Manna Devotional September 26 2017

The police counted the money and discovered that the old man was a millionaire! As he arrived home after begging for the day, the excited officers told him that he was a millionaire and there was no need for him to beg again. The old man said nothing at all, went into his house and locked the up door . The next morning, he woke up as usual, boarded the train and sat again at the street corner and continued begging. Obviously, this old man had no great plans, dreams or anything significant for his life, but he was a determined and a focused man (focused on the wrong thing: BEGGING) – and that’s the strong thing in today’s devotional. The fact that he had millions did not distract him from doing what he had been doing – whether good or bad! Apply this positively to your life/ministry.


Even Satan after tempting the Lord, “departed from him for a season” – Luke 4: 13b. A “season “means it is not forever! That means Satan does not surrender; he quits for a season and returns right on focus to tempt you again. SHOW HIM YOU ARE MORE FOCUSED/DETERMINED THAN HIM and you are not a QUITTER! Yes! Determine to remain true to your course and life’s goals. Abraham’s servant  (today’s scripture) refuse to be distracted even by the Five Star hotel or food, till he achieved his goal of finding a wife for Isaac.

Resist distractions! Don’t resign from that job now! Don’t quit that home! Don’t abandon that ministry! Don’t ever quit waiting on God! Late Richard Nixon said: “A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.” Listen to Paul Meyer – “90% of those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” Ah! What an agony! They quit before their time! Stay determined! Stay focused! I decree: The GOD OF SUDDENLY and the God of SURPRISE shall show Himself mighty on your behalf this season in Jesus name! Amen! Hold on!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
1.       Pray seriously about today’s message as led.
2.       Uproot the “TO and FRO” (quitting spirit). BLIND DEPRESSION!
3.       Pray in the morning, afternoon and evening of today’s devotional.
4.       God of SUDDENLY; show up for me in Jesus name! 

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