Our Daily Manna Devtionals August 17th 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 17th 2017


Years ago, an aging Japanese thief felt the gravity of his crime when the weight of his loot tripped him down during  his attempted get - away! The 70 year old man walked into a post office in the city of Kowagoe, north of the Tokyo and poured petrol on the floor, saying he would set off an explosion if  wasn't given money.

Our Daily Manna Devtionals August 17th 2017

 A clerk quickly filled a paper bag the man was carrying with coins worth 250,000 yen (about $2,000) and it weighed 22 pounds. As the man ran off, the bag of coins broke under the weight and he stumbled, then fell. He was arrested by an angry mob and was immediately arrested by the local police. Since all is truth is parallel, the Holy Ghost want u to know that: Sin is heavy that u break down under it's weight someday and somehow no matter his you try to hide it. Apart from your sin finding you out, it will also press you down and smash your good name, good reputation or glory to peaces!


A wise man said: "Full salvation is to realize that everything we see in Christ our Example may be ours, not by imitation but by reproduction." Yes, you must know as a Child of God, sin sin shall have no dominion over you. Plan to cut off that secrete sin, before it cuts you off. Read this from A.B. Simpson: "God did not allow his chosen ones to prosper in the paths that lead them out of His holy will." He has a storm after every Jonah and an empty net for every unbelieving and inconsistent Simon." If you will run well and win your race, use today's devotional and deal with yourself - that public or secrete sin or be ready to welcome a storm in your ship! Sin is sweet but the weight is bitter! Remember that 70 year old thief! remember Jonah! Pray now!

PRAYER POINTS:Take any song of worship as led.
1.          Thank God for today's word and pray as you are led!
2.          Repent from every weight (sin) around your life and ministry. Be specific! Pray any other prayer now!
3.          Every strong hold of death and tragedy in my family, scatter now by fire in Jesus name.
4.          pray in the morning, afternoon and evening of the devotional prayer points
5.          Pray any other prayer (s) as led now.

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