Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 26 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 26 2017


In 1894, a 16 year-old  read this note from his rhetorical teacher at Harrow,
In England:

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 26 2017

"A conspicuous lack of success."
The 26 year- old read the note and made up his mind to be stubborn to other people's opinions. He pushed aside negative criticism and became one of the most conspicuous successful men of the twentieth century. His name? Winston Churchill! God wants you, a user of today's devotional, to ignore recent verbal attacks or harsh criticism from your detractors and
remain focused.

In 1995, the University of Bern in Switzerland turned down a Ph.D projected as being, "fanciful and irrelevant."
The Physics student who wrote the project ignored their criticism and attacks and turned those "fanciful and irrelevant" ideas into theories the world has never seen. His name? Albert Einstein!


Most times, great destinies encounter great opposition! Why did the world not clap for the Lord Jesus? Why did Paul suffer more than any other disciple? Why was Sarah mocked by Ishmael the stepson? (Gen. 21: 9)? Sarah and Isaac were mocked because their destinies were unprecedented!

Do you know that there is an "Ishmael" (mocker) attached to every great destiny? I call such "Ishmael's" (MOCKERS AND SCOFFERS) or "Destiny Suckers."
They are also called Energy Suckers! Some call them, "Career critics." Yet others call them, "pessimist." 

Watch out for those that Satan will use to drain your dream or suck your destiny! Be focussed on your January dreams and keep seeing where you are going even as 2017 leaps on! God will baptize you with special favour and paralyze all the "Ishmael's" (MOCKERS and SCOFFERS) sent to suck away your dreams! Ignore them!

PRAYER POINTS: Take a very special song of worship as being led.
1. Pray about today's word as led now.
2. I disorganize all satanic agenda aimed to distracting my life and ministry in Jesus name. (Pray it seriously).
3. Lord, disgrace every wicked critic/MOCKER, SCOFFER, GOSSIP, or destiny sucker from my destiny in Jesus name.
4. Pray in the morning, afternoon and evening with great faith using our Daily Devotionals Prayer Points.
5. Pray today. Ask for the grace of God to be focused, and pray any other prayer (s) as led.

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