Our Daily Manna August 31 2017

Our Daily Manna August 31 2017


Welcome to today's devotional hour! Be reminded that at the northern hemisphere - the north pole of the earth, the sun shines at 12am (midnight) during summer!

Our Daily Manna August 31 2017

This strange phenomenon is caused by fact that during the summer, the north pole is tipped toward the sun. Since the sun rotates on its axis once a day at the Arctic Circle (very cold regions of the earth) in one night a year (about June 21st), the sun does not set. Likewise, in one day a year, about December 21st, the sun does not rise! In which case, even at 12am, the day looks bright as 12 noon and equally as hot. One of the inhabitants said: "When it is still broad daylight even at 12am, I don't just feel like going to bed, so I go out and cut the compound grass." Is your God not wonderful? Oh! I wish I could one day visit the north pole to experience sunshine at midnight! However, the Holy Ghost told me that I do not need to necessarily visit the North Pole to experience sunshine at midnight?

 He reminded me: There is a spiritual North Pole inside me!  Yes! Every believer who is fixed to the DAYSTAR (Jesus Christ) can experience daily SUNSHINE AT MIDNIGHT in the Northern city called Mount Zion! 


See Psalm 48: 2: Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great king." Oh, sides of the north! Wow! The spiritual north pole is you! Truly, there are seasons where tick darkness (stubborn problems) saturates your life but if you stay in the city of the great king, then BEAUTY WILL ALWAYS RISE OUT OF EVERY AHS/DARKNESS! A poet described such midnight season as a time when "the slums are incurable, the phosphate aren't dissolvable; the people are unforgivable; and life becomes intolerable."

 It is a season when even the best walker can hit toes against a stone. Abraham waited for 25 years for one child (not twins). Joseph was falsely accused! David was a "vagabond" (homeless) years after his public anointing! Jeremiah was imprisoned; Jesus was betrayed and crucified. Paul spent precious time in prison. What is your midnight experience? The good news is that you can experience sunshine if you trust the Sun of righteousness (Malachi 4:2)! Is Paul not a celebrity today? Hear Saadi: "Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy." Believe God! THE SUN WILL SHINE IN YOUR MIDNIGHT BECAUSE GOD IS FAITHFUL! Amen!

THE U.S.A. TELEPHONE ANOINTING SERVICE WITH DR CHRIS, IS SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2017.TEL: +1- 712-432-0075 and Access code is 374042. Bring your OIL! Time is 6am Central time.

PRAYER POINTS: Take song of worship as led.
1. Pray about the Word seriously as led now.
2. Lord, turn my midnight to sunshine in Jesus name.
3. I scatter every DEPRESSION ROOT now! Laugh now!
4. There is a spiritual north pole in you! Agree with me! Lay hands and pray with faith against HAMAN and any enemy of your life.

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