Our Daily manna August 25 2017

Our Daily manna August 25 2017


The story is told of a man who went into a taxidermist's shop (A place for preparing and displaying the skin of animals). He noticed all of the dead, but life-like animals on display.

Our Daily manna August 25 2017

He stopped at the front of the owl's wing, and angle of the head. In his pride, he criticized the shop keeper's work, pointing out all the mistakes in the owl's wings, legs and angle of the head. In his pride, he boasted that he could have had done a better job himself. Suddenly, the owl turned its head and blinked. The proud man yelled in fear and oh, how humiliated he was.

He has just mistakenly imagined that the owl was another dead, stuffed animal, but to his shame, he became a fool. Likewise, do you know that lots of people proclaim that they serve a living God, but they allow worry, anxiety, frustrated and doubt? You are permitted to worry and remain downcast if only your God is dead.


 Jesus is not Buddha! He not Mohammed! He is not Orunmila! He is not Hare Krishna! He is not lord Rampa of India! He is not Ntoa Ayima of Ghana! He is not Osiris of Egypt! He is not Kagutsuchi (God of fire) of Japan! These are all dead. The Jesus on your inside is alive and His Word is not Just another piece of political campaign. His Word is power! Trust His word! Meditate on the word daily because He is alive in the 21th century through His word. Rejoice! He is alive! Oh, He is alive to show Himself strong on your behalf! Amen!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.
1. Worship the creator of your life/destiny.
2. Lord God, as I stand on your word, show that you are live in my life, family and ministry this year in Jesus name (pray it seriously until you have peace to stop).
3. O God, disappoint other strange gods around my life, in Jesus name.
4. Pray for me Dr Chris against a blackmailing syndicate that is determined to pull down this vision if I don't give them money and a house. The battle is the Lord's!
5. Pray in tongues over any problem now (mention them now and pray over each).
6. Pray generally as led over any other issue (s).

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