Our Daily Manna for August 1 2017

Our Daily Manna  for August 1 2017


Welcome to a new month in third quarter of 2017! There was a boy who while in the eighth grade, failed his subjects repeatedly. His performance in high school wasn’t much better; he failed Latin, Algebra, English and had a zero in Physics. [ Our Daily Manna  for August 2017 ]
The boy managed to make the school’s golf team and he lost the most important golf match of the season. Even in class, he was not liked by his peers. Despite his failures, there was this talent that this boy held on to: The love of drawing. While in high school, the boy was so sure of his artistic talent that he approached Walt Disney Studio in the U.S.A. with drawing samples.

August 1st 2017 Daily Devotionals

Again, he was criticized and rejected. Despite his gross lack of success, this boy did not give up! He then decided to write his own biography in cartoons about a little boy who was regarded as a loser and a nobody. The name of this boy was Charles Schutz – founder of now Charlie and Peanuts Comic show. Peanut Comic show is syndicated daily and Sunday American comic trip written and illustrated by that so called nobody – Charles M. Schutz, which ran from October 2nd, 1950, to February 13, 2000, continuing now in reruns. Amazing! See what God can do with a NOBODY! you must realize that in God’s eyes, nobody is a nobody! Did you know that there are many positive traits in you? Stop seeing your weak points!

Our Daily Manna  for August 2017


Do you know that all the great people you admire have weak points? “Never give up! No matter how many times you tried, or how many times you failed; always keep trying and always believe.” God’s plan for you is great! Ignore people’s opinions of you. Did men give David a chance? Even prophet Samuel never believed in him. Challenges are supposed to be speed boosters and not speed breakers! Nobody is a nobody! Learn from Charles M. Schutz! Learn from David!

PRAYER POINTS:  [ Our Daily Manna  for August 2017 ]

Take your best worship song now.

1.       Worship God for the gift of life and pray about today's message as led.

2.       LORD, use my life, family and ministry to show that NOBODY IS A NOBODY!

3.       Lord, uproot the obstacles on the pathway to my promise Land. Pray about this Month seriously today. Our Daily Manna  for August 2017

4.       Pray in the morning, and evening daily

5.       Encourage someone! Share today’s message with someone before you go to bed.

Our Daily Manna  for August 2017

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