August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals

August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals


Today's scripture Luke 23: 43 says: "And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee,today shalt thou be with me in paradise." The key words "TODAY"! Just imagine a common criminal who had been condemned to death entering paradise before many of the saints of old.This saints of God have laboured and served the Lord God in tears and pains, yet this thief entered paradise without such divine labour and sacrifice. All he did was to simply believe in the LORD in his few minute on planet earth. And he had a smooth sail to paradise!

August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals

He did not have to fast and pray for 40 days(twice) like Moses!He did not have to go to jail like Daniel! He did not have to go through the FIRE like the 3 HEBREW children! He did not have to fight dangerous enemies and Jezebels like Elijah! He did not write prophetic Psalms of worship like DAVID who had to hide in caves from Saul! Yea! he did not have to confront wicked Haman like Mordecai in a "bloody" battle! Ah! he did not have to build any ark like Noah! He did not work in any earthly holiness like Enoch nor did he had to sacrifice any son like Abraham after a long wait of half a century. Yet, this man entered paradise the same day as this saints! Is God fair? Oh! indeed, FAVOUR IS NOT FAIR! and the Holly Ghost want you to know that He is planning to TAKE YOU FROM THE QUEUE!


What would have happened if this man had to wait till the better saints who had died years before him? That means he would have waited in the QUEUE till it was his turn. No! But the LORD took him out of the yoke of TURN BY TURN and the chain of WAITING IN THE QUEUE!
A reader of today's devotional is going to experience deliverance from the yoke of TURN BY TURN and the LORD shall do a thing that will take you from the QUEUE! You will not need to wait any more! The LORD will turn your DELAY and you will hear the word: "TODAY"! He will change rules for your sake and cause you to OVERTAKE those ahead of you! Yes! you are coming out of the cage of Turn by Turn as you pray seriously now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take a song as led
1. Thank God for today's word and pray about it.
2. Lord God, take me from the cafe of TURN BY TURN!
3. My Father God, take me from every QUEUE! accelerate my testimony in your MERCY in Jesus name.
4. O God, show me SPECIAL, unprecedented FAVOUR in this season in Jesus name. Amen.

August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals

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