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Our Daily Manna September 1 2017

Our Daily Manna September 1 2017
BEETHOVEN: THE GLORY OF THE HOLDING ON A professor once tested his medical students about a medical situation. He told them: "Here is a family history of a patient: The  father has syphilis. The mother has tuberculosis. They already have four children; the first is blind. The second has diabetes, and the third is deaf, the fourth has tuberculosis also; now the mother is pregnant and comes to you for advise.

 They are willing to have an abortion, if you decide they should. What would you say to them?" The students gave various individual opinions and then the professor asked them to break into smaller groups for further consultation. All the groups came back to report that they would recommended abortion. "Congratulations" the sad professor said, "you just took the life of Beethoven!!!" 

Oh, as I write this, I just remembered the crash of the  Nigerian Sosoliso airplane on December 10th 2005 in which 71 children with great …

Our Daily Manna August 31 2017

Our Daily Manna August 31 2017

Welcome to today's devotional hour! Be reminded that at the northern hemisphere - the north pole of the earth, the sun shines at 12am (midnight) during summer!

This strange phenomenon is caused by fact that during the summer, the north pole is tipped toward the sun. Since the sun rotates on its axis once a day at the Arctic Circle (very cold regions of the earth) in one night a year (about June 21st), the sun does not set. Likewise, in one day a year, about December 21st, the sun does not rise! In which case, even at 12am, the day looks bright as 12 noon and equally as hot. One of the inhabitants said: "When it is still broad daylight even at 12am, I don't just feel like going to bed, so I go out and cut the compound grass." Is your God not wonderful? Oh! I wish I could one day visit the north pole to experience sunshine at midnight! However, the Holy Ghost told me that I do not need to …

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 30 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 30 2017

Welcome! Donna Reed once canceled his group of students: "When you handle yourself, use your head, when you handle others, use your heart."

 A mafia godfather accompanied by his lawyer walked into a room to meet with his former accountant. The godfather asked the accountant: "Where is the 3 million bucks you embezzled from me? The accountant refused to answer! The godfather asked again: "Where is the 3 million bucks you embezzled from me?" The lawyer interrupted: "Sir, the man is a deaf mute and cannot understand you, but I can interpret for you." The god father said, "well, ask him where my damn money is! The lawyer, using the sign language, asked the accountant where the three million dollars was. The accountant signed back: "I don't know what you are talking about."

The lawyer interpreted to the godfather: "He doesn't know what you ar…

Our Daily Manna August 29, 2017: ODM devotional

Topic: Your "Ram" Is Caught By His "Horns" [Monday 29 August, 2017]
(Genesis 22:1-14)

Today’s scripture says in vs. 13: “And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked and behold, behind him a ram was caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham ……..offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.” Tere is a user of this devotional who needs to know that God has provided all that you will need to serve Him and to be happy on planet earth. God provided Abraham a ram. Abraham did not struggle for that ram! Abraham did not even pray for the ram!
Our Daily Manna August 29, 2017
The All-Wise- God knew what he (Abraham) would need before the need even arose and the same is your story. Dear minister of the gospel, before God called you and even before you were born, He has provided your needs. All you need to do is to lift up your eyes and look! Look to the hills! If God did not digrace Elijah in severe famine, He will not disgrace you. If God did not disgrace Abraha…
Our Daily Manna August 28 2017
YOUR "RAM" IS CAUGHT BY HIS "HORNS" Today's scripture in Vs 13: "And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked and behold, behind him a ram caught in a ticket by his horns; and Abraham... Offered him  for a burnt offering in the stead of his son."

There is a user of this devotional who needs to know that God has provided all that you will need to serve Him and to be happy on planet earth. God provided Abraham a ram. Abraham did not struggle for that ram! Abraham did not even pray for the ram!
The all-wise God knew what he (Abraham) would need before the need even arose and the same is your story.

Dear minister of the Gospel, before God called you and even before you were born, He has provided your needs. All you need to do is to lift up your eyes and look! Look to the hills! If God did not disgrace Elijah in the severe famine, He will not disgrace you. If God did not disgrace Abraham at the last minute, then He will not disgr…

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 27 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 27 2017


I learnt years ago that the French eat a lot of saturated fat, yet they are more lean (slimmer) than the Americans and far less likely to be obese. Their diseases are half that of Americans and they have the lower obesity rate than any other country in the European Union.

According to the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, research conducted in restaurant in Paris and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, showed that French meals were considerably smaller. The most impressive finding was that the French take longer time to eat their smaller portions. The average French person spends nearly 100 minutes daily just eating, while Americans 'swallow' their daily bread only 60 minutes.
The conclusion? Take time to eat your food and eat slowly! I, Dr Chris, am guilty of this sometimes but hear this: If you are served large portions, eat it little by little.


Never rushed…

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 26 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 26 2017


In 1894, a 16 year-old  read this note from his rhetorical teacher at Harrow,
In England:

"A conspicuous lack of success."
The 26 year- old read the note and made up his mind to be stubborn to other people's opinions. He pushed aside negative criticism and became one of the most conspicuous successful men of the twentieth century. His name? Winston Churchill! God wants you, a user of today's devotional, to ignore recent verbal attacks or harsh criticism from your detractors and
remain focused.

In 1995, the University of Bern in Switzerland turned down a Ph.D projected as being, "fanciful and irrelevant."
The Physics student who wrote the project ignored their criticism and attacks and turned those "fanciful and irrelevant" ideas into theories the world has never seen. His name? Albert Einstein!


Most times, great destinies encount…

Our Daily manna August 25 2017

Our Daily manna August 25 2017


The story is told of a man who went into a taxidermist's shop (A place for preparing and displaying the skin of animals). He noticed all of the dead, but life-like animals on display.

He stopped at the front of the owl's wing, and angle of the head. In his pride, he criticized the shop keeper's work, pointing out all the mistakes in the owl's wings, legs and angle of the head. In his pride, he boasted that he could have had done a better job himself. Suddenly, the owl turned its head and blinked. The proud man yelled in fear and oh, how humiliated he was.

He has just mistakenly imagined that the owl was another dead, stuffed animal, but to his shame, he became a fool. Likewise, do you know that lots of people proclaim that they serve a living God, but they allow worry, anxiety, frustrated and doubt? You are permitted to worry and remain downcast if only your God is dead.


ODM daily devotional August 24 2017

ODM daily devotional August  24 2017


Two-thirds of the 2, 300 year-old great wall of China has been destroyed by sightseers and fun seekers. The wall which was built by the first emperor of China Quin Shi  Huang, and is about 21, 196 km and of the world's tourist attractions, is fast crumbling out of existence. Sections are said to have been vandalized by visitors, or covered by signatures,  paint or other coloured object.

 In fact, part of it has been ripped open for use in coal mines recently. The World Monument Fund which describes the wall as "one of the most extensive cultural lands on earth" placed it on the list of the world's most dangerous architectural sites.

The point of our meditation today is that an object of pleasure has turned to an object of pressure and pain. It was a site of relaxation, which has now turn to a site of regrets. It was a monument of grace (dignity), which is now a place of disgrace (dishonor).

August 23 2027- Our Daily Devotionals

August 23 2027- Our Daily Devotional

When God changes the rule for your sake, IT STIRS SPECIAL MERCY/FAFOUR:
Matthew 12: 4 says: "How he (David) went into the house of God, and did eat the showbread, which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them that where with him, but only for the priests?"

 Mark 2: 26 puts it this way: "How he (David) went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the showbread, which is not lawful to eat but for the priests, and gave also to them which were with him?"

That means in the days of David, Abiathar was the high priest and the rule was that only the priest  could eat of that special bread called showbread. But David in his desperate condition and state of accurate hunger when he was running away from King Saul broke this rule and yet survived. That was why I was led to begin today's write- up by these lines:"

When God changes the rule for your sake, IT …

August 22, 2017- Our Daily Manna Devotional

August 22, 2017- Our Daily Manna Devotional

Topic:  When three rules were broken and protocol suspended -1 we continue today on the second an third rules that were broken when the blind man who did not pray a prayer was released from captivity! The second rules was

Amazing! This IS A case of God looking for his man to qualify him! And that shall be your story! Special mercy and favor shall be shown to you! And that favour shall qualify you for your EVIDENCE and testimony. The mercy of God is the qualifier of man and that mercy will pass millions to locate you. Amen! The third rule that was broken was that the Lord healed this blind man by mixing clay with spittle from His mouth. To the average Jew in those days, the spit from his mouth was medicinal but MUST NEVER BE USED ON A SABBATH DAY! But the Lord deliberately healed this man on a Sabbath day t…

Our Daily Manna Devotional August 21 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotional August 21 2017

Welcome to today's devotional write- up! The Holy Ghost is telling me to remind you that everything created by God is governed by rules. There are spiritual rules, there are economic rules, there are political rules, there are medical rules, but all these are natural rules. A rule is an establishing way of doing things. A rule can be described as an ordinance, a command, a pronouncement, a convention, a pattern which cannot be broken by any man. Rules can be organized be laid down protocol or procedures. Rules when carelessly broken have severe consequences. However, your God is the rule changer and the protocol breaker.

I call Him JEHOVAH BULLDOZER! He bulldozes rules and scatters protocol. Just to get people to their destiny land and that is what God will do for you today and at the next Lagos Anointing Service.

BASIC SCRIPTURE: John 9: 29 - 41

In today's scripture, the l…

ODM Daily 20 August, 2017

Topic: You Will Escape! [Sunday 20 August, 2017]
Psalm 71:1-12

A while ago, remember the popular story of a teenager in Kaduna Nigeria, who poissoned two of his half sisters with “OTAPIAPIA” (rat killer) and squeezed them into a deep freezer. The man (names withheld), a 21 year-old drop-out, however said that the “Otapiapia” he had put in the food and watr was meant to kill his father. According to him, “I opened the door to my father’s house with an old key before my sisters came back from school and I hid somewhere while observing the process. The food was not meant for them. I tried to come out of my hiding place but was afraid that I may be discovered. After they ate the food, it was as they were watching television that they slumped and died.”

Before continuing with this write-up, please pray the prayers below with holy fire:

1. O Lord, I refuse to carry the evil load of another person in Jesus Christ name ( Pray each point below with holy anger).

2. O Lord, return to sen…
Our Daily Manna Devotional August 19 2017


During the last Easter season, I meditated again on the poetic lines below:
"Two thousand years ago, our Lord was crucified. They nailed him to  a cross and for all mankind He died. They laid Him in a tomb with a huge stone at the entrance. They remembered every word He said, as He walked along the seashore. In three days, He will rise from the grave in which He lay. They didn't think anyone could roll that Stone away. On the morning of the third day, as the sun rose in the East, an angel appeared and rolled the stone away without any struggle. The Angel spoke to the women who came to where Jesus was laid. He told them that Jesus had risen and the women hurried away.

The keepers where all paralyzed with fear, for when they looked inside the tomb, they saw that it was empty. The stone that they thought would hinder Him had not stood on His way. Jesus Christ had risen from the tomb and the leaders p…

Our Daily Manna For August 18, 2017

Our Daily Manna For August 18, 2017

Vs.9 of day's scripture says: "She that hath borne seven lanquishet: she hath given up the ghost; her son is gone down while it was yet day: she hath been ashamed and confounded: and the residue of them will I deliver to the sword before their enemies, saith the Lord." Note: "her sun is gone down while of was yet day."

 That means TO EXPIRE BEFORE YOUR GOD- ORDAINED SEASON and did you know that there are meeting place every night because of your sun ( your glory)? Yes, there are enemies and powers meetings to see how they can put out your sun while it is yet day; while your God-given assignment has not been accomplished on planet earth!

Our Daily Manna For August 18, 2017
The battles the enemy is passing you through is how to expire your sun before your evening! Jeremiah passed through so much battle that he cried out in Her. 15: 18: "Why is my pain perpetual and my wound incur…

Our Daily Manna Devtionals August 17th 2017

Our Daily Manna Devotionals August 17th 2017
Years ago, an aging Japanese thief felt the gravity of his crime when the weight of his loot tripped him down during  his attempted get - away! The 70 year old man walked into a post office in the city of Kowagoe, north of the Tokyo and poured petrol on the floor, saying he would set off an explosion if  wasn't given money.

 A clerk quickly filled a paper bag the man was carrying with coins worth 250,000 yen (about $2,000) and it weighed 22 pounds. As the man ran off, the bag of coins broke under the weight and he stumbled, then fell. He was arrested by an angry mob and was immediately arrested by the local police. Since all is truth is parallel, the Holy Ghost want u to know that: Sin is heavy that u break down under it's weight someday and somehow no matter his you try to hide it. Apart from your sin finding you out, it will also press you down and smash your good name, good…

Our Daily Manna August 16th 2017

Our Daily Manna August 16th 2017

Just consider Moses leading between 2 to 3 million people queering food in the desert. In a report years
ago, according to the Quartermaster General of the American Army, it was reported that Moses would
have had1500 tons of food every day, requiring two freight trains, each 11/2 kilometers long.
Our Daily Manna August 16th 2017
They would have to have had firewood for use in cooking the food. This would take 4,000 tons of wood and
more freight (cargo) trains, each 1/12 kilometers long just for one day. And just think about it, they were
forty years in transit, in a wilderness. And oh yes, they would have to have had water. If they only had
enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would take 11 million gallons each day and a cargo train with
tanks that are 2'500 kilometers long just to bring water.  Our Daily Manna August 16th 2017

And then another thing- they hard to cross the
red sea at night. Now if they went thr…

Our Daily Manna August 14 2017

Our Daily Manna August 14 2017

A report from London Times ones said that the internet now has death site which teach people how to
commit suicide and sadly enough, thousands are visiting these sites daily. Unemployment, drugs,
divorce, alcohol or stagnation in career has been largely responsible for suicides. The report said 75% of
suicides are by men, while 80% of those that commit suicide are men aged 15-24. The saddest of all is
that these death (suicide) website give plenty of advise on how to be walked out of it. Some sites even
encourage the potential suicide victim to follow through with his/her plans rather than change his/her
mind! Unbelievable, but don't forget that Satan's end time purpose is to steal, kill and to destroy. Satan
is in a hurry to send people to hell! Is that not why the end times are rough? Who is the father of ISIS,

BOKO- HARAM, etc? Dot be his victim through discouragement! God is speaking to you concerning not

Our Daily Manna August 13 2017

Our Daily  Manna August 13 2017

Consider the meditation below:
Today in a bus, I saw a lovely maid with a bunch of beautiful golden hair. I envied her and wished I were
as fair. When suddenly sh arose to alight, I saw the braces as she wobbled. She was a victim of polio!
Oh God forgive me, when I whine (murmur). I have two straight feet, yet I complained! When I alighted
from the bus, I stopped to buy some sweets. The lad who sold them had such a great charm. I talked
with him. He said to me, nice to talk to folks like you. You see I am blind. Oh God, forgive me when
I whine (complain). I have two eyes. The world is mine! End walked down the street, I saw a child with
blue eyes. He stood an watched others play. It seemed he knew not what to do. I stopped for a moment,
then I said,why don't you join others dear?" He looked ahead without a word and then I knew he could not hear.

 Oh God, forgive me when I whine (complain)! I have two ears! The world is…

Our Daily Manna August 11, 2017: ODM devotional – The Miracle Of The 10-Inch Water

Our Daily Manna August 11, 2017
Topic: The Miracle Of The 10-Inch Water [Friday 11 August, 2017]
Before the last day of 2017, your faith in this God will be rewarded. Your life shall be another miracle of the Red sea.

(Numbers 23:19; Isaiah 49:17-23).

Welcome to another hour of mercy! Never forget that with God you serve, all things are possible. Consider this familiar, devotional story which I love so much:

Our Daily Manna August 11, 2017
“A boy was sitting on a park bench with one hand resting on Exodus 12 and was shouting, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, God is great.’ Then came a professor – a scientist, to the boy. He asked the boy about the reason for his excitement. The boy started laughing again and said, ‘God opened up the waves of the Red Sea and ledthe whole nation of Israel right through the middle. Oh, my God is great.’ The Professor replied sharply and tried to disprove the Red Sea story by saying that modern scientific research had shown that the Red Sea in that area the …

Our Daily Manna August 10, 2017: ODM devotional – A Worm Can Be A Bomb!

Our Daily Manna August 10, 2017
TOPIC- A Worm Can Be A Bomb!
When God allows certain trials or disappointments, He is helping you or turning you from a worm to a bomb.

Topic: A Worm Can Be A Bomb! [Thursday 10 August, 2017]

(Isaiah 41:8-15)

Today’s Basic Scripture Vs 14-15 is amazing! Amazing because it is the word ‘confusing’ and the word ‘misleading,’ and yet it is none of both. How can a worm that is delicate, weak and easily bruised by a stone or crushed beneath any foot become a sharp instrument of war? That is the wonder of the God you serve and that is one of the mysteries of why you are passing through some battles that your brain cannot comprehend. God called Jacob a worm- despised, weak, unconnected, disrespectful, hated, used and dumped, disliked, etc, yet God told him: “Fear not, I will help thee……..I will make thee a sharp threshing instrument having teeth: Thou shall thresh the mountains ( Problems, obstacles and difficulties) and beat them small……”

Our Daily M…

Our Daily Manna August 8, 2017: ODM devotional – The Toe - Tapper: You Are A V.I.P

Our Daily Manna August 8, 2017
Topic — The Toe - Tapper: You Are A V.I.P [Tuesday 8 August, 2017]
(1 Corinthians 12:18-27).
Never despise yourself or envy another minister or ministry! Stay where you have been given grace and heaven will make a difference with your life. Our Daily Manna August 8, 2017
One day, a wise man came to a small town and needed a place to stay, so he went to the nearest church. He met a group of people arguing about how they could best please God. “I will help you, “the man told them, “but you must promise to use what I give you to glorify God.” They agreed. He then went on to give each of them gifts – one was to be a pianist, another a flutist, to another he gave a saxophone, to another a violin and to yet another he gave the role of toe-tapping, I.e. using his feet to tap the floor. At first, the team worked together and their production was marvelous till one day when during a practice session, the violinist said to the pianist, “I am so glad I have the i…

Our Daily Manna August 7

Topic — The Teacup Lesson: Problems Are Messages!
[Monday 7 August, 2017]
Our Daily Manna August 7

In this second half of the year, no matter what you have passed through, or are passing through, or will pass through, never forget that God has a strong purpose for allowing that circumstance.
(Isaiah 64:8-9; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13) There is this fable of a beautiful teacup on the shelf of a big supermarket.. As buyers were admiring the teacup on the shelf, it suddenly spoke: “You don’t understand” it said, “I haven’t always been a teacup. There was a time when I was red and clay. My master took me and rolled me over and over and I cried out ‘Let me alone’, but he only smiled, “Not yet.” Then I was placed on a spinning wheel and spinned round and round and round. “Stop it. I’m getting dizzy’ I cried, but my master only nodded and said, “Not yet.” The he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. It was a terrible heat. I screamed and wanted to jump out. But he nodded his head and said,…

August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals

August 5 2017 Daily Devotionals
TOPIC: YOKE OF TURN BY TURN BROKEN Today's scripture Luke 23: 43 says: "And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee,today shalt thou be with me in paradise." The key words "TODAY"! Just imagine a common criminal who had been condemned to death entering paradise before many of the saints of old.This saints of God have laboured and served the Lord God in tears and pains, yet this thief entered paradise without such divine labour and sacrifice. All he did was to simply believe in the LORD in his few minute on planet earth. And he had a smooth sail to paradise!

He did not have to fast and pray for 40 days(twice) like Moses!He did not have to go to jail like Daniel! He did not have to go through the FIRE like the 3 HEBREW children! He did not have to fight dangerous enemies and Jezebels like Elijah! He did not write prophetic Psalms of worship like DAVID who had to hide in caves from Saul! Yea! he did not have to confront wicked H…


JUST ONE: NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE YOU The ageless poem has coursed a revolution in my life over the years. Title, "Just one," this is been used by God today to remind you that you are extremely important:

-        One song can spark a movement.

-        One flower can wake the dream.

-        One tree can start a forest.

-        One smile can begin a friendship.

-        One star can guide a ship at see.

-        One vote can change a nation.

-        One candle can wipe out darkness.

-        One laugh can cancel gloom.

-        One step starts a journey.

-        One touch can show you care.

-        One voice can speak with wisdom.

-        One life is all that God need to make a difference in a generation and that one life can be yours!

You are important! Resist self- pity or depression! Fight inferior complex. If Satan cannot stop your victory or kill you, he will try to stop your party! DID GOD NOT DIE FOR Y…

Our daily manna August 2 2017

Our daily manna August 2 2017
TOPIC: THE $5.00 STEEL BAR: YOUR VALUE IS ENHANCED BY PAIN-1 A bar of steel was worth about $5 towards the close of the twentieth century. When this same steel of $5.00 was forged into horseshoes, it was worth $10.00, when made into needles its value was up to $350, when used to make small pocket knife blades, its worth was $32,000, when made into springs for watches, its value increased to $250,000.

 Then just imagine the 'fire,' 'pounding' and 'bruises the steel had to go through to increase its worth from $5.00 to $250,000. Yes, the more it was shaped, hammered, beaten, pounded and polished, the greater its value. A very beloved saint of God ones said: "The sharper the craftsman's knife, the finer and more beautiful his work." God want you to know that some trials and pain you are allowed to go through is for the sake of increasing your value. It is through pain that God give the most out of us for His glory and the ble…

Our Daily Manna for August 1 2017

Our Daily Manna  for August 1 2017
TOPIC- NOBODY IS A NOBODY! Welcome to a new month in third quarter of 2017! There was a boy who while in the eighth grade, failed his subjects repeatedly. His performance in high school wasn’t much better; he failed Latin, Algebra, English and had a zero in Physics. [ Our Daily Manna  for August 2017 ]
The boy managed to make the school’s golf team and he lost the most important golf match of the season. Even in class, he was not liked by his peers. Despite his failures, there was this talent that this boy held on to: The love of drawing. While in high school, the boy was so sure of his artistic talent that he approached Walt Disney Studio in the U.S.A. with drawing samples.

Again, he was criticized and rejected. Despite his gross lack of success, this boy did not give up! He then decided to write his own biography in cartoons about a little boy who was regarded as a loser and a nobody. The name of this boy was Charles Schutz – founder of now Charlie …

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