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Welcome to today’s devotional hour! Share with the testimony below. “Dear Dr. Chris, I have held this testimony for too long, I read one of the passages in ODM where users were instructed to sow a seed to a pastor or man of God but I ignored it, not because I didn’t want to give but because I didn’t have anything to give at that point. On that day, I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to give my phone and I told myself, “Impossible” because I had no job and that was the only treasure I had then. I was so restless and my heart was so heavy until I accepted to give out the phone at about 10:30am that same day.

 So, I called a pastor friend who has a ministry at Eleme, Port Hacourt. To my greatest surprise, he was already on his way to Port, Harcourt from Eleme, heading somewhere but stopped by to see me. When I et him and told him the reason why I wanted to see him, he was dazzled and told me that he had been praying and believing God for a phone; that the one he had been using was very bad and had a bad screen. He was happy because my phone was very recent model of Sony Ericsson Smart. He prayed for me and I left. Exactly seven days later, a call came though my cousin that I should come for a job with all the necessary documents because I was to travel off to start work next day and that was how my life changed for good.

2 Chronicles 20: 20; Luke 8: 1-15
That is why I really don’t joke with this daily Manna vision. Praise the Lord! From OSAZUWA osazuwa4jesus@gmail.com).” What an amazing God! He is ever faithful! This pastor was exact need of a phone and I was led that day to ask you to sow a seed to any man or woman of God. And thank God for great testimony out of that obedience. Each prophetic instruction to sow seed in this vision is for divine assignment to reach you by your God. In 14-days prayer and fasting, program/beyond, you will never end up in shame as you obey and follow prophetic instructions backed by the word even as women ministered in Vs. 3 of today’s second scripture. As you pray and fast, I am led to instruct you to sow a sacrificial “ACHAN-MUST-DIE/ANTI-DELAY SEED.” And I shall send you A PSALM to break that delay which you shall pray for 3 weeks.
Today is Day 3 of the 14-day fasting program.

PRAY THE GENERAL PRAYERS ON PAGE 42 OF “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-12” booklet. Continue this fast and be at last-day anointing service at the Mannau-Orioke, Lago, Nigeria on Saturday July 22nd 7an. Come with your written prayer points, any point of contact and expectation! I Shall lay hands on everyone present! God of Joshua will show up!

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