31st July 2017 Daily Devotional

31st  July 2017 Daily Devotional


William Couper Brain wrote the golden lines below: “No man can be patriot on an empty stomach.”

The above statement can be confirmed by the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria owed her pensioners billions of Naira. But good news came recently in 2017when 41.5 was paid! "Concerned about the plight of pensioners who retired under the contributory pension scheme without been paid, the Federal Government has cleared the inherited areas of accrued pension benefits for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 by releasing 41.5 billion to the National Pension Commission, PECOM, for the onward payments to the retirees."

31st  July 2017 Daily Devotional

 Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun disclosed. Great news but consider the three years of no food on their tables! I can imagine how many pensioners died before this payment was made! In fact, it was predicted that the pension bill would supersede the monthly payment for active workers of the Federal Government. Oh, no wonder pensioners are dying in queues daily! How can a poor man be patriotic on an empty stomach? Indeed government are trying their best but they are not your God! God's concern in our devotional today is to reassure you that He is not a man! God want you to know that all your labour for love for the kingdom shall not be in vain! Heaven is sending me to let you know that He is a perfect paymaster.


HEBREW 11:6-13;

PSALM 37:23-26

The God that says "owe no man, but love," will not owe you! Hold on even when it seems that God is slow or when darkness has hidden His face! Your God pays more than the government or your company! The God that paid (rewarded) Abraham,  Moses, Daniel, Elijah, Peter, etc, will also pay you. Hebrew 11:6 says that He is a rewarder! Hear Psalm 37:25: "...I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread." When Joseph chose Holiness. Did God not pay him at last? When Jesus chose obedience, did God not give Him a new name? Trust this God and never forget that: "God does not pay at every week or month,but He pays at last." see psalm 34:10, and declare many times: "My God is a rewarder . I will trust Him. Shame shall be far from my address."

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song now.

1.  Pray about your life/today's message as led.

2.  I  Frustrate and annul every Satanic plan/war to paralyze my source of income in Jesus name (pray it seriously).

3.  I shall not labour for others to eat. Loose your reward seriously now.

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