30th July 2017 Our Daily Manna

30thJuly 2017 Daily Devotionals


Welcome to today’s devotional encounter! It is just so amazing that the Lord will allow a common criminal who probably had sent some innocent souls to their early grave, to make paradise in 24 hours! Remember Moses with all his 80 days fasting (He did 40 days twice) could barely make it to the Promise Land. In fact, at his death, Satan was demanding an illegal hold on his body (Jude:9) And he nearly sent him to hell instead of paradise. It took a strong archangel, Michael, to deliver Moses into paradise.

30th July 2017 Our Daily Manna

Yet this thief-turd-believer made paradise in 24 hours. That was the same paradise that Abraham entered by the delay of the same quarter of a century in waiting for Isaac. That was the paradise that Jeremiah entered via severe persecution and pain. At a stage, Jeremiah said he was not going to mention the name of the Lord. It was the same paradise that Esther entered via a very strange marriage which denied her a basic marital rite. Oh! It was the same paradise that all the Holy prophets entered via long delays, pain, affliction, battles. Today’s scripture verses 13 says: “These all died in faith, not ‘having received the promises, but having seeing them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confess that they were strangers and pilgrims on earth.” Can you imagine that? Yet this man died instantly and made heaven!


Hebrew 11: 8-16

 The Holy Ghost is sending a word to a user of today’s devotional: You shall overtake your superiors from this day in Jesus name! What  you don’t qualify for shall become your possession, by the mercy of God for this day! What is hard for others shall become bread for you! Where others are sweating will be the place you will soar! Men and women will begin to envy you because, favour instead of labor will have taken over your life and ministry! What is taking others 20 years, shall take you 20 minutes from this hour! Heaven shall shorten your miracle time in the name of Jesus of Nazareth! Your life shall redefine the following words, “MERCY and GRACE” because the everlasting compassion of Jehovah God shall be zoomed toward your star from this day in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The mercy of that thief -turned -believer is locating you and all yours now. This is your hour! This is your day!! This is year!!!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any worship song as led.

1.       Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led.

2.       Lord, zoom your special favour towards my destiny star.

3.       Lord, show me special mercy that you show to that thief on the cross. Jehovah! Jehovah!! Accelerate my testimony hour!

4.       Pray about today seriously and any other issue (s) affecting your peace.

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